About SoftecSol

Softecsol is one of the premiere software firm dealing in top softwares such as hotel management, retail management, healthcare management, school and college management, accounting, etc. We are situated at the heart of the city and offering high tech software solutions to the clients of entire Assam. Softecsol is the authorized agency partner of the leading software industries such as Gofrugal, Ezee Technosys Pvt Ltd, JVS Group, etc.

Go Frugal:

Go Frugal is providing technology adoption into Retail and Supply chain businesses since 2004, in the form of complete business automation solutions. Headquartered in Chennai, India, our technological footprint has grown to benefit 20,000+ retail businesses. By moving along with the changing retailing trend(s) – one dictated by the rise of ‘connected customer’, we have evolved our product lines and solution capabilities, be it desktop, cloud based solutions or retail mobility with apps. Our Assure Support service with its team of highly skilled service personnel & product consultants ensure we implement industry’s best practices for business.

JVS Group:

JVS Group, founded in 1992 in New York, USA, partners with various hospitals, doctors and companies to plan, build, and manage healthcare software to enable their business strategies. This is accomplished through its Business Consulting, Application Development and Integration (ADI), and Application Development and Management (ADM). Having the commitment, passion and dedication to excel, we strive hard to offer the best value propositions to our customers in an accountable way. Our competitive edge is the combined strengths of our people, processes and technology (PPT). These strengths give us the advantage of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions.

RK Softwares:

R. K. Softwares was started in 1998 by three young entrepreneurs. Today we are amongst top 10 accounting software providers in India.

Initially company started development of customized software and gradually shifted to different kinds of Packaged Accounting Software. General purpose accounting software developed by company are very popular in market and brand leader in their respective areas with more than 20,000 users.

Company’s motto in development of software packages is ‘Keep It Easy & Advance’. Users feels comfortable while using our products and does not require any special skill to use it.

Our main product is ‘Miracle’. Miracle is general purpose accounting software which is scalable from accountant to small shop owner to big industries. My Investor, Miracle-G, Miracle-Excise,Miracle-DE, Miracle-T and Miracle-Petro are other products developed by company.


Sapphire Software Solutions is a product development and consulting services company serving mid-size to large corporations. We offer IT related services from our state of the Art Development centres at Ahmadabad, India. Sapphire has deep client relationships with various clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations. Our services span product development, website designing, technical support, implementation, integrations, training and maintenance. Our educational product service line offers package implementation solutions and services for School Management Software products to customers in schools, college, universities, training institutes and government organization. Over 15 years Sapphire has helped its clients implementing products, training staff and services faster with higher capabilities and quality in a cost effective manner.